Late last spring, a darling coffee store opened in my neighborhood. A friend and I met there on occasional weekend mornings in the early summer.

After Memorial Day, my neighbors make a mass weekend exodus to summer homes. Making small talk with the barista one early summer Saturday, I said, “Quiet in here on weekends, isn’t it.” She replied, “Yes it is! The owner and I can’t figure it out.”

In the late 1980s, I moved into my first NY area apartment (in Hoboken). The police made 2 post-midnight visits to the building in my first weeks there. Little did I know that the drug dealers had been asleep in bed when the realtor and I visited early on a Saturday morning. I got out of there in 6 weeks, unharmed but wiser. And never to see my security deposit again.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I agreed to meet for coffee on a Sunday morning. We arrived to find a sign tacked to the window: “Closed on Sunday”.

A location is only as good as your understanding of what’s going on in the area…really, it is about understanding the ecosystem of your business.