Freecycle is a great service that helps you to let go of stuff you don’t need, and get things you want or need.

Everything offered to the group must be free; people taking the goods drop by and pick them up. If you’re a day spa owner who can’t bear to toss those worn towels — and how many cleaning rags do you really need? — you can bank on finding on the art student out there who will give them a good home. Old fax machines, copiers and computers can find a new home that isn’t a landfill.

Bootstrappers will find things that young businesses can use. As I write, the NYC Freecycle group has phone cords, ethernet cables, a peace lily (plant), a computer monitor…

Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t think that anyone makes money from Freecycle. Run through an international network of Yahoo groups (which can be a bit maddening to the unitiated, but stick with it), group moderators are volunteers who believe in recycling. My sister has had some interesting experiences as a moderator of a group near her home in Buffalo Grove, IL.

…hopefully someone will take the stack of Vegetarian Times magazines I haven’t been able to bear tossing!