Yemm & Hart is a Missouri-based producer of recycled building materials, as well as “commodities” like restroom partitions, countertops, and store fixtures…all made with recycled materials.

Their website is clearly not the work of slick marketers, but of Yemm & Hart themselves. After some years in business, Yemm & Hart shifted focus — first to using recycled products, and then to production of green materials. (The company principals are listed as Stephen Yemm, Deborah Hart Yemm and Simeon Hart Yemm; I might guess at a marriage and a child as another company product!)

They are looking to amass 1,000 pounds of wine corks, and are asking you to send yours along. Cork corks, champagne corks, plastic corks, they’ll take ’em.

Unlike Freecycle, Yemm & Hart won’t pick them up. You can mail your corks to:

Wine Cork Recycling
Yemm & Hart Ltd
610 South Chamber Dr.
Fredericktown MO 63645

Check out details of this lovely experiment at the Yemm & Hart website.

(And like household batteries, corks are something else I can’t bear to toss. I’m delighted to find this outlet for my collection.)