Sick Days

Ok, after about 10 years of shockingly amazing health, I’ve had the flu twice since the fall.

I’ve had a day job is in Corporate America for the past 18 months; many of my co-workers have kids, who seem to be like petri dishes when it comes to colds and flu. And despite our bountiful benefits plan (including sick days and vacation pay…something I hadn’t had for 10 or 11 years) people come to work sick! And then we all infect one another.

Why do people who get paid when they are sick come to work? I have no answer on this one.

But what about people who aren’t paid when they are sick?

In denial about the possibility that I could be sick for more than two days (I’m also bulletproof), I went back to work a day too soon. I have to be honest — I wasn’t anywhere near even 80% of my ordinary productivity.

Even if you want to forget your karma, what does this mean for your business?

Talk to me!

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