Recently, I was fortunate to hear Wharton professor Sigal Barsade speak on the topic of emotional contagion.

Ever worked in an environment where many people are angry or fearful? Here’s an article on some of Barsade’s academic discussion about why this isn’t a good thing.

Building on the notion of “emotional intelligence”, which include self-awareness and self-management, it’s not just academic — it’s commonsensical! Wouldn’t you agree that you’d rather be around people who are happy?

As a manager, you can’t make people happy. But just like your shadow: in the present moment, your actions, inactions, moods and emotions are indivisible from you. (Or at least the “you” that is being received by the people around you…I don’t want to get too heady here.)

So mastery of how you work with yourself — moment to moment — will affect your workplace.

Not to mention the rest of the world around you!