P.S. Choose the Right Results

Crazy HorseAfter I posted yesterday, Mashable added some color to the Yahoo controversy.

…several anonymous employees said Yahoo’s move to abolish telecommuting indicates that Marissa Mayer, who became company CEO last July, is “in crisis mode.” They told the Times that Mayer believes the policy is necessary to rejuvenate Yahoo, which has seen a years-long decline.

Mashable’s Anita Li also reports that employees on Yahoo’s payroll were starting companies while ostensibly working from home.

I’ve seen this story before.   So it rings true.

And if it is true, this is not a fair result for Yahoo’s investors, or for other employees.

The existence of a results-only workplace depends on one thing:  results.   Working remotely is not an inalienable right.   And it’s not appropriate for every job.

The success of results-only rests on mastery of the art of management.   If you want to create a results-only workplace, start practicing.

I love a good turnaround story.  Good luck, Yahoo.

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