Each summer for the last few years, I’ve created a project to connect with clients and other like-minded people.

We’ve used time-tested vehicles, like reading and discussion, to look — differently — at how we think about managing people.

This year, I’m planning an interdisciplinary adventure.

When I travel someplace new, elements of the general landscape seem to have an almost luminous quality.

The Metro stations in DC, a State Park’s wooded trail, a rope bridge in Nepal…in my memory, these places feel a bit like magic.

My first year in New York City was a visual feast.  Everything looked, and was, so different from my hometown.

With time, though, the new becomes comfortable and familiar.

In our every day busy-ness, it’s possible to stop noticing the world around us.  We may not even notice the truly remarkable.

In a new place, we pay attention, differently, to our surroundings.   This sort of fresh awareness is one of travel’s great gifts.

Artist Keri Smith wants us to have this experience, today.   To to look at our everyday world and find it, anew.

And this summer, I’ll lead a virtual group of intrepid explorers.   We’ll use Keri’s Pocket Scavenger as our guidebook as we look, differently, at our workplaces.   And of course, the people around us.

It will be a game, prizes and all.  Participants will receive a copy of Keri’s book.  It’s mostly virtual:  we’ll communicate and keep score online.  And there will be a charitable element to the proceedings, too.

Curious?  That’s the point!

(7/2 Update:  Registration is now open!  Join us!)

(6/19 Update, OMG, Keri Smith linked to my blog!   Welcome to everyone who found your way here through this most welcome and unexpected connection.)