Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

tweetThank you, CV Harquail, for poking at a key question on my mind while designing my summer project.

There are loads of us who don’t have any one workplace.   Remote workers, consultants like me, people who are between jobs.

Yet we all have colleagues.   The people who pour my coffee are part of almost every work day for me.   People I check in with online enlighten, amuse, and enrich me.

I see these folks more frequently than I see many of my clients, who are also part of my workplace community.

Though I don’t go to many “events,” encouragement from someone I originally met on Twitter led to one of my favorite learning experiences so far this year.   (Thanks, CV!)

If you work remotely from a suburban spot, you might see your Fedex delivery person more frequently than you see your boss.

And if you’re between jobs — looking for work is a job in itself.

If we’re fortunate, in all of these ways of working, we manage to find a sense of connection to community.

This is actually one of my not-so-secret motivations behind Awaken To Your Workplace.  Though I won’t be scoring any points, I’ll be playing along, too.

And though it “dates” me, I’ll be thinking a question that’s almost as old as me:  who are the people in my (workplace) neighborhood?   (Sing along, Gen-Xers…)

(And apologies, but that photo is not an embedded tweet; you can click it to see the original tweet, though.)

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