It’s the time of year to start thinking about treasured rituals.

An apple donut yesterday turned my mind towards pumpkin pie, hot cider, tofurkey, resolutions…and the performance review?

Whether you work for a giant corporation, a startup, or a not-for-profit, your people want your feedback.   They long for it.

It’s tough to give meaningful feedback unless you have solid goals.

As year-end approaches, it’s a good time to check those goals, and your progress.

  • Are your goals still the right ones?
  • Have you discussed them with your team recently?
  • Are your goals clear?

And to that last point, a simple test:  ask yourself, “Have we achieved this goal?”

A goal is clear if you can answer with a simple yes, or no.

Want more guidance on performance management?  I’ve assembled some resources for you at painlessreviews.com

Photo:  Another Goal by Eric Kilby, via Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

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