Closing a Door…

3328858714_039336fcd6_bIn August 2006, I started my first blog.

It was, like so many other things, an experiment.   A creative outlet when I had a job that had turned out to be something different than I what I had signed up for.   As can happen.

(And that “something different” wasn’t too demanding.   So I had creative energy to burn.)

“Sustainability” interested me, in the sense of the new environmental discipline that was entering the public consciousness.

But also in a larger sense.  A sustainability that encompassed the idea that we don’t waste people, to paraphrase Majora Carter.

Blogging started out as a sort of online diary of interesting things — remember, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr — and became a place to refine my thinking.

At some point, Valeria Maltoni generously added me to a list of emerging women who blogged, and people started to visit.  My blog became a place to connect with other people.

In late 2007, I left that job, laid off with the rest of my team.   Soon afterwards, we were followed by waves of people affected by the financial crisis.

Before it became clear that I’d be hard pressed to ever find the Job I had been trained/educated/socialized to expect that I should have, I started a business.  And the journey that led me here.

This blog is the the daughter of my original blog.

I don’t post a lot.   Good content takes time.   It takes creativity.   It takes bandwidth.   I don’t buy into the “everyone should blog” meme.

The other blog?  I brought some posts over with me, and cross posted for a while.

Then, my beloved old blog became a part of an Internet ghost town.

This blog became a more focused endeavor, to develop a body of content relevant to my work.

This summer I’m working on a side project.  I’m finding new ways to share content I’ve developed over the years — and more important, the learning and practical knowledge it represents.

(More on that over on Tumblr, which I use as an online journal.   Sort of.)

Yesterday, I shuttered my old blog.

I couldn’t delete it.   Yet.   Instead, I made it private.

And I took a moment to remember the incredible expansion and generosity I’ve experienced since I pressed “publish” for the first time on August 24, 2006.

Thank you, Blogger.   Thank you, WordPress,com.   Thank you, Internet!

And many thanks to everyone who has ever read, shared, or commented on one of my posts.   Your time is an expression of your generosity.

The Journey continues.

Photo: Shutters by Monica Arellano-Ongpin, via Flickr under Creative Commons license.





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