Leaders frequently refer to mission and values as though they are fully realized operating systems.  And when you’ve done the work, they can be.

Often, they’re a bit intangible.

Values are more than what you say you believe.  They’re what you actually do:  what you allow, and what you hold people responsible for enacting.

I’ve written about this before, so won’t go on and on here.

Codes of conduct address behavior and action; at best, they allow people to recognize the embodiment of values.  And when values are being violated.

There’s a deeper dive in my October/November newsletter, where I talked with Jed Schmidt, one of the founders of Brooklyn JS.  Here’s a teaser for our conversation.

The audio will be available in the newsletter, which goes out in mid-November.  You’re invited!

Photo:  Knights, by Brad from Flickr, used under CC2.0 license.