Dead Reckoning

To reckon is count, estimate, or compute.  Or to consider.  In the cascade of media coverage on workplace harassment, “reckoning” has emerged as a word, or maybe the word, to describe this moment.

The word acknowledges that we’re not done yet, though:  we’re in more than a moment.

Dead reckoning is a navigator’s iterative calculation process used to estimate location.  Given information believed to be certain, like starting point, distance traveled, and speed, a navigator can calculate a ship’s dead reckoning position, or fix.

Per the American Practical Navigator, dead reckoning’s “…most important use is in projecting the ship’s position in the immediate future and avoiding hazards to navigation….

(continued in my December, 2017 newsletter)

For the last 2+years, I’ve been experimenting with sending my work out to a more targeted audience.  If you’d like to read my entire take on “reckoning” and the top workplace story of 2017, it will go out on 12/31 in my December, 2017 management newsletter.

Down the road, I may link back to the newsletter for the rest of this article.  I haven’t decided about that.  There’s more on my thinking about this in the newsletter, too.

Thanks very much for reading.

September 2018 update:  I’ve moved my newsletter over to Substack.  You can subscribe here, and at some point I may transfer the newsletter archives over there…)

Photo:  Navigation, by Julien Carnot, on Flickr, under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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