Summer Reading (On #Management #29)

My summer reading list is topped by two (not-quite) thrillers about secrets, lies, and workplace culture, and I write about them in Issue 29 of my newsletter, which goes out to subscribers starting on July 15.

Everyone seemed to be reading Bad Blood:  Secrets and Lies in Silicon Valley (library).  I discovered Ranger Games (author’s site) (library) via a blog post by its author.

Sometimes the books I’m reading seem to talk with one another.  I love that.

If friction between culture, ethical choices, and free will interest you — and it should — Ranger Games and Bad Blood both explore workplaces where something has gone off the rails.

In On Management #29, I also talk with Orbital founder Gary Chou and entrepreneur/developer Kirsten Lambertsen about their favorite books about work.

Neither of which turned out to actually be a book, which was fine by me.

As previously noted, much of my writing energy is now being channeled into Anne Libby On #Management.

On #Management is free, though I recently launched a supporting membership program, which you can find over on Substack.

  • This month, Supporting Members will receive my additional analysis about new developments in managing people in a #Me Too world.
  • I’ve also opened my calendar one day a month to supporting members, for 1:1 office hours.  In the next week or so I’ll open up appointment slots for August 16.

Photo:  Reading, by mrhayata, used under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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