Alongside my consulting work, I write, speak, and share my experience on managing and the workplace.  (I often have a side project.  Some side projects become services!)  And, when I put something new out there in the world, I try to remember to update this page.


  • Remote 1:1s, a video call for emerging managers.  (coming soon!)
  • Performance Review Basics, a video call for emerging managers.




  • In the spring, I alpha tested a newsletter for entry-level people; in the summer, I launched How to Have a Job.
  • In the spring and summer, I developed and launched a simple behavioral-cultural self-diagnostic that founders, execs and People/HR leads can use to assess and prioritize issues and conditions affecting organizational health.  (It once lived on a separate project website, which I took down in the fall of 2018.  If you’re interested, drop me a note.)



  • November, 2015, I launched Movies About Work, a sporadic film series at Orbital, featuring films with stories that illuminate our workplace endeavors and challenges.
  • In Fall of 2015, I launched a monthly email.  Each month, I spotlight a resource from my #Management Intensive syllabus, as well as something I’m Now Reading.   Sign up here.
  • In late Summer/early Fall, 2015, I led a custom version of my #Management Intensive for a group of emerging managers on site at a client in NYC.
  • In June, 2015, I published Don’t Fear the Performance Review:  A Guide for Emerging ManagersYou can get the current “edition” here.
  • In the Spring of 2015, I ran an open-enrollment cohort of my #Management Intensive in NYC, at Orbital. I no longer run open-enrollment programs; if your organization is interested in an on-site version of the program, contact me.
  • In January, 2015, I published Effective 1:1 Meetings:  A Template for Emerging Managers.   You can get the current “edition” here.
  • in January, 2015:  Port Your Developer Skills to Human Skills, a talk on programmers as emerging managers at BrooklynJS.   Slides are here, and a narrated slide show is here!


  • Setting Goals/Accountability, custom client workshop, December 2014
  • My Summer, 2014 project, Summer in the City, gathered a group of C-level and HR leaders in closely-held companies for intimate lunches, along with focused discussion of key management topics:  setting goals and giving feedback.
  • In May, 2014, I was on HuffPost Live’s Thrive on Live, with Caroline Modaressy-Tehrani, on a segment called Managing People Doesn’t Have To Be So Terrible.  (Spoiler alert:  of course it doesn’t!)


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