Training Day (On #Management, #27)

“If you read about learning at work, you may come across “70-20-10.”

70% of learning comes from experience.  20% from other people.  And, 10% from formal training and coursework.  Or so they say.

70-20-10 is likely more an aphorism than a fact of math. That said, its intuitive appeal aligns with academic discussion of deliberate practice as a prerequisite to expertise.  (AKA the 10,000 Hour Rule.)

We expect training to change minds, and behaviors.  That’s a heavy lift.

You probably know from experience that training isn’t a silver bullet.

Every MBA is not a good people manager.  QED.


Thus begins Issue #27 of my newsletter, which also includes the rebooted/re-edited audio of my conversation with diversity and inclusion expert Juliette Austin, of FrankEvans Consulting, and the rest of this article.

To read on about what you can do, personally, to level up the impact of training efforts, and my thoughts on a one day training we’re hearing about in the media, either check your inbox, or subscribe.

As noted late last year, I’m largely redirecting my blogging energy to my newsletter, Anne Libby On #Management.  Which I’m also evolving.  For one thing, I’ve soft-launched a supporting membership.  This month, paying members will receive an extended reading list for Issue #27.

(September, 2018 update:  my (free) newsletter, and supporting membership are both available in my spot over on Substack.)

Photo: Exercise „Ziema” in Ādaži Training Area, 2017, by Kārlis Dambrāns under CC BY 2.0 license via Flickr.

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